Here are examples of an acrylic finish trapped inside of grout. It may look evenly soiled when you take the job on (best is to always do a demo prior to committing to the project), but after you do the tile cleaning and then grout cleaning you end up with this, a splotchy train wreck and the customer isn’t happy.

Acrylic finish is extremely hard and almost impossible to remove completely.


Acrylic Floor Stripper and quick/aggressive removal with a hard surface wand, extractor and/or grout saw.

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Bill Luallen

Bill Luallen is the Director of Technical Sales for XL North, a division of Textile Rubber and Chemical Company. He is the IICRC RFMT TAC vice chair and participates on many panels and boards including the CRI and the League of Hard Flooring Professionals. When Bill is not traveling to work with customers or talking on the phone, he spends all his down time with his wife Cynthia of 30 years, outside enjoying this beautiful world.

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