Lance Strait, Director of Maintenance with ReSource Colorado, discusses a demo where carpet in a mezzanine area of the Denver International Airport had become so dirty with grease and soil that it actually resembled concrete. He describes the challenge. “This isn’t a maintenance customer, but we do a lot of installation there. One of the project managers asked if there’s something we can do to help them because the carpet is just in terrible shape. It’s the worst carpet I’ve ever seen.”

Located between two restaurants and near restrooms and a freight elevator, this carpet experiences high volume traffic of up to 60,000 visitors daily. Poor maintenance had left it filthy and grease tracked from the nearby Chinese restaurant was deeply embedded in the carpet fiber. Lance continues, “I reached out to Bill at XL North before we did anything and asked him for suggestions. He recommended we use XL Grease & Oil Remover as a pre-spray.”

The Demo Process

XL Grease & Oil Remover was generously applied to a 10×10 square foot section of the carpet and allowed to dwell for 10-15 minutes. Using a 17 inch rotary machine with a nylon bristle brush, the carpet was agitated. Lance admits, “We really didn’t get much reaction with the product and the floor the first time. Nothing came out. So we did a second application using the same process and slurry was pulled up from the carpet.”

The process was repeated three additional times. “I think the fourth time we started noticing there was carpet there. We could actually see it had a pattern,” he states, “and the fifth time, we really pulled out a lot of grease. We then used XL Nylon Pre-Spray Advanced to clean it again because there were spills and stains under the eighth of an inch of grease.” The carpet was rinsed using XL Crystallizing Acid Rinse.

The Results

The demo results are amazing! The carpet pattern and texture are visible again and, most importantly, the surface is clean. Lance points out, “This is a common area where little kids are literally playing on the floor. The most important thing for me was removing the grease, soil, and bacteria traps that were there before.”

A follow up meeting is scheduled with the customer to discuss the results and to review their daily and periodic maintenance procedures. Lance concludes, “We’ll let them know we can get the carpet looking good again, but if it’s not maintained properly, it’s not going to continue to look like this.”

Before, During, and After Photos

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About ReSource Colorado

ReSource Colorado has been successfully doing business in Denver, CO and the surrounding area for over 30 years. We specialize in carpet as well as all types of hard surfaces. We are proud to offer our customers the finest labor force in the area. Our projects range from a few hundred dollars to millions of dollars, and our dedicated staff takes pride in delivering the best customer service possible regardless of project size.

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