Bill Luallen

Bill Luallen is the Director of Technical Services for XL North, a division of Textile Rubber and Chemical Company. He is the current IICRC CCMT TAC Chair and also the former Vice Chair of the RFMT. He participates on many panels and boards including the CRI 204/205 Carpet Maintenance and Cleaning Standards. When Bill is not traveling to work with customers or talking on the phone, he spends all his down time with his wife Cynthia of 30 years, outside enjoying this beautiful world.

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Although the pandemic continues, businesses across the country are beginning to reopen. As trusted service providers for these customers, we need to take steps to get ahead of a potential overwhelming flooring problem. With over 400 approved disinfectants being used on multiple surfaces to keep people safe over the past few months, a large percentage of those chemistries fall to the floors. So, just like washing your hair, what you put on it must be removed.

Now is the time to get into these spaces and do an extensive deep clean to extract anything that shouldn’t be there that can possibly become an attractant for dirt & soil preventing the “new normal” from being applicable to floors.

Reverse Saponification:

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Carpet Extraction:

Suggested ProceduresExtraction Carpet Cleaning

Resilient Floor Maintenance:

Suggested ProceduresMaintaining Resilient Flooring

We are living in uncertain times, but by continuing to perform proper floor care procedures, we can ensure that the flooring in our customers’ businesses performs well, looks great, and stays healthy as it welcomes them back and performs at its best throughout its lifetime.