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Our goal at XL North is to create solutions for the needs of the cleaner, the owners and the manufacturers of flooring and upholstery. We’ve spent years developing the most productive chemistry available. Working alongside flooring manufacturers, we’ve combined technology and process to create products that resolve the most complicated flooring maintenance needs of our clients.

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Basic Service Procedures

Instructor(s): An IICRC Certified Instructor Educational Credits: 1 IICRC Continued Education Credit (CEC) Course Length: 8 Hours This XL Academy workshop has been developed as an introductory floor maintenance course for participants who want a basic understanding of maintenance without getting into the specifics of procedures and processes. Intended Audience This course is designed for: […]

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Resources & Tutorials
Dormitory Stairwell Rubber Flooring Restoration Case Study

Bob Broda, VP of New Business with M. Frank Higgins & Co., Inc., discusses a recent rubber flooring demo that earned him not only the job, but also brought in additional business through a well-planned marketing initiative spotlighting the job’s before and after photos.

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Cary the Carpet Guy Talks Shop

Cary Woodfield continues to make an impact in the world of commercial flooring. His 4 decades of experience in carpet installation and maintenance are nearly unparalleled. In that time, he’s traveled the globe (6 continents, 20+ countries, 80+ cities) to troubleshoot and resolve flooring issues through better education. With literally millions and millions of yards […]

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