XL Pro-Tect Ultra Matte Sealer

XL Pro-Tect Ultra Sealer offers superior stain resistance for all decorative concrete applications. The versatile hybrid polymer sealer is ideal for horizontal and vertical applications and can be used on interior and exterior projects. XL Pro-Tect Ultra Sealer is a hybrid emulsion, requires no burnishing, and is perfect for use on concrete, stone, terazzo, LVT, cork, pavers, masonry, polymer cement, polished concrete, and more.

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Usage & Directions

Surface Preparation:

The surface must be thoroughly clean, dry, and free of anything that will prevent XL Pro-Tect Ultra from bonding properly. This includes but is not limited to bond breakers, release agents, coatings, oil, grease, un-neutralized acid stain, dust, dirt, efflorescence, dust, etc.

Existing Concrete:

XL Pro-Tect Ultra should be used full strength on existing concrete (no dilution necessary). Concrete must be a minimum of seven days old before applying. The concrete must be clean, dry, and prepared per Surface Preparation instructions.

Application Method:

An industrial sprayer is recommended. Application equipment must be clean, dry, and free of any previously used materials. Using a pump-up sprayer distribute the product onto the surface to be treated and evenly spread the material using a T-bar applicator or mico-fiber pad. The micro-fiber pad should be pre-wet with XL Pro-Tect Ultra prior to use. Keeping the applicator mop charged will allow a smooth even application. Optimum performance over concrete is achieved with three uniform coats. Four to five coats are recommended when used on polymer cements. Subsequent coats should be applied at a 90º (right) angle to the prior. Allow the first coat to thoroughly dry before the next application. This will eliminate mop drag and offer a smoother finish application. Dry times will vary depending on ambient temperatures and conditions, typically one hour between the first and second coat.

Extended Application Details:

Allow 30-60 minutes to cure between coats. Apply 2nd coat at a 90-degree angle to the first. Burnish dry surface using a high-speed burnisher or swing buffer with a hair pad if desired, but not necessary. Allow each coat to dry at least 30-60 minutes before burnishing and applying the next coat. Apply XL Pro-Tect Ultra using an industrial pump-up type sprayer. Application equipment must be clean, dry, and free of any previously used materials. Distribute the product onto the surface to be treated, and immediately spread the material evenly using a pre-charged microfiber pad or t-bar type applicator. Remember to keep a wet edge. Apply at a rate of 800/900 sq. ft. /gallon depending on surface profile, density, and porosity. Expect higher coverage rates on subsequent applications.

Spread material thinly and evenly, completely covering the surface and apply in small sections at a time. DO NOT OVER APPLY. The microfiber pad should stay charged with XL Pro-Tect Ultra during the application. For the t-bar application method, apply XL Pro-Tect Ultra with a pump-up sprayer ahead of the applicator and at 100% coverage.

For optimum performance, apply a minimum of three uniform coats. Apply additional coats as needed for industrial use.

Polymer Cement:

XL Pro-Tect Ultra is formulated especially for polymer cement using hybrid polymers to offer ultimate bond onto this specified finish. XL Pro-Tect Ultra is both penetrating and film-forming, which this porous finish requires. If a floor finish is to be used over XL Pro-Tect Ultra, then three applications will suffice, followed by 3 coats of a high solid finish wax.


Keep surface dry for a minimum of 48 hours after application; full stain-blocking ability will not be effective until 48 hours after final application.

Clean Up:

While XL Pro-Tect Ultra is still wet, equipment can be cleaned with soap and water. Once dried, the material can be removed with a solvent such as xylene.


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