Instructor(s): An XL Academy Certified Instructor
Educational Credits:
Course Length: 2 Days

Participants will learn about the basic raw materials used in the manufacturing process of each of these classifications. Expanding on existing knowledge the student will learn how raw materials in these products can impact the maintenance of them. Classification identification will include common and individual characteristics and properties of the individual classifications. Students will learn the life cycle of the classifications of flooring in resilient category to include the manufacture, installation, maintenance and demolition of the products. The focus in this section will be on the manufacturing, installation and demolition procedures that may impact the cleaning and maintenance of the floor covering.

The professional technician will learn about the individual components required to provide resilient floor maintenance. These components will include chemicals, supplies (equipment, tools, and materials) and common accepted service methodologies currently in use in the industry. Participants will learn how to develop floor maintenance programs for each of the classifications. Topics of discussion in this section will focus on the life cycle of floor maintenance to include initial, daily/routine, periodic and Restorative procedures commonly used in today’s market. A large segment will be dedicated to safety in all areas that the floor maintenance technician may be participating in. The technicians will receive individual step-by-step instructions on how to perform most common service procedures. Individual programs for each classification will discuss the impact of environmental conditions on productivity and frequency of cleaning.

Intended Audience

This course is designed for:

  • cleaning technicians
  • restoration specialists
  • installers
  • facility managers
  • property managers
  • interior designers
  • consultants
  • specification writers
  • architects
  • claims managers, and
  • anyone associated, with or interested in, the hard floor maintenance profession


This is an advanced training course and requires Floor Care Technician (FCT) Certification.

Format & Outline

This course is taught in an academic classroom and includes hands on training.

This advanced certification course outlines the different cleaning methodology necessary to maintain resilient floor covering classifications.

  1. Understanding Resilient Floor Maintenance
    • Category Properties and Characteristics
    • Classification Properties and Characteristics
    • Environmental Challenges
  2. Components of Hard Floor Maintenance
    • Chemicals
    • Services
    • Equipment
  3. Developing Hard Floor Maintenance
    • Life Cycle of Hard Floor Maintenance
    • Identification of Floor Coverings Designing the Hard Floor Maintenance Program


Handouts and notes pages of PowerPoint slides used during presentation will be provided.