Instructor(s): An IICRC Certified Instructor
Educational Credits: 1 IICRC Continued Education Credit (CEC)
Course Length: 8 Hours

This XL Academy workshop has been developed as an introductory floor maintenance course for participants who want a basic understanding of maintenance without getting into the specifics of procedures and processes.

Intended Audience

This course is designed for:

  • facility managers
  • property managers
  • interior designers
  • consultants
  • specification writers
  • architects
  • claims managers, and
  • anyone associated, with or interested in, the hard floor maintenance profession


This is an introductory training course and does not require previous experience.

Format & Outline

This course is taught 100% in an academic classroom.

This introductory certification course follows a specific path that outlines the primary fundamentals necessary to comprehend rudimentary hard floor maintenance.

  1. Understanding Hard Floor Maintenance
    • Flooring Systems
    • Defining Hard Floor Maintenance
    • Assessing Hard Floor Maintenance
  2. Components of Hard Floor Maintenance
    • Chemicals
    • Services
    • Equipment
  3. Developing Hard Floor Maintenance
    • Life Cycle of Hard Floor Maintenance
    • Identification of Floor Coverings Designing the Hard Floor Maintenance Program


Handouts and notes pages of PowerPoint slides used during presentation will be provided.