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Solutions for Facilities

We may have different needs, but we all want the same desired results – a solution that works for you.


Creating a healthy and safe environment for employees and clients is mission critical, and XL North is here to help.

XLN products are used to:

  • Prevent potential flu outbreaks by disinfecting work spaces
  • Improve indoor air quality by enhancing carpet maintenance programs
  • Decrease the chance of trips or falls by protecting floors

No matter the task, XL North provides the proper chemistry for use in commercial office environments.

Get the job done right the first time, every time, with XLN products.

Higher Education

The demands placed on flooring in higher education facilities can be substantial. XL North has created solutions that make quick work out of the tasks at hand.

Discover the benefits of using XLN chemistry on your campus flooring. Our powerful lineup of products include:

  • Finishes to maintain the appearance of resilient floors
  • Extraction products to keep carpets looking brand new
  • Disinfection chemistry to sanitize facility spaces


Clean schools start students off on the right foot! Provide a healthier environment for students and instill pride in keeping it clean by properly maintaining your school’s floors.

XL North offers solutions to improve your classroom and campus facilities, including:

  • Disinfection chemistry to sanitize spaces
  • Finishes to maintain the appearance of high traffic hallways and corridors
  • Spotting products to tackle everyday messes with ease

Download our product catalog for more information on the powerful lineup of products that you can purchase via phone or online.

Additionally, learn how XL North products helped some of our K-12 customers maintain their flooring from the first day of school through the last bell’s ring in the K-12 education related resources below.


Storefront appearance and cleanliness are among the first things noticed by customers. Making a good impression is key to business success!

Retailers strive to beat the competition by bringing in more consumers, and XL North products assist in that effort by:

  • Effectively cleaning and maintaining the appearance of resilient floors and carpets
  • Removing everyday spills and stains common in retail environments
  • Adding high gloss shine to dull, drab flooring

Keep your store’s image and reputation at top notch in the minds of your customers. Let XLN chemistry improve the cleanliness and appearance of your space today!


The demands of maintaining a healthcare environment can often be overwhelming, but XL North products make that burden disappear with innovative, effective solutions.

Our powerful lineup is ready to tackle the most challenging tasks in healthcare facilities, including:

  • Disinfection, deodorizing and sanitizing patient and resident rooms, common areas, and food prep spaces
  • Adding life heavily traveled floors with buffable, glossy acrylic finishes
  • Maintaining carpet easily with low moisture extraction systems

Healthcare facilities are 24/7/365. Let XLN chemistry help keep things rolling with our proven, effective floor care technology.


You don’t need to read all of the studies to know that keeping your fitness facility clean is vital to not only the safety of your customers but also you reputation as a company.  That is why you need to do things right the first time, your disinfection protocol should include Vital Oxide, which not only keeps your clientele safe, but its safe for your staff to use.  And when they are keeping the rubber flooring looking good, arm them with XL Rubber Floor Cleaner/maintainer, this product has been designed specifically for all rubber flooring.


Studies say that customers form opinions of a restaurant within less than a minute of walking thru the door.  Don’t let dirty flooring or odors form an undue conclusions. Keep your kitchen floors clean, healthy and safe with XL TC, tile cleaner.  And don’t forget to sanitize and deodorize  with Vital Oxide.


Manufacturing plants are typically 24/7 operations and the window to get the facility cleaned is short so you need products that work right the first time.  No better product when talking productivity than XL FS, Floor Stripper.  Doing a strip and finish in a break room just got a lot faster. You may need to get that carpet in the shipping office cleaned, using XL Grab Dry can get you a deep clean while keeping the space up and running.


The customers experience is what matters in the hospitality industry and XL North has the products to help you.  Turning rooms around for the next customer is time sensitive so using low moisture encapsulation technology like XL Liquid Grab Green can get the room back in use within 30 minutes or maybe there are just a few spots that XL Carpet Spotter can tackle the jobs.  If LVT is in the facility then try XL LVT/Wood Floor Cleaner to keep the space looking great.

XL Academy

XL Academy is an IICRC approved training school. We offer courses for IICRC certification as well as continuing education credits. In addition, customized training sessions can be created to fit your educational needs. Below are courses you can select to meet your educational needs. Contact us today to register for training.