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Introducing the XL North Concrete Surface Prep System

XL North is always looking to add innovative technology to our killer product line up! With the launch of our three latest products, we’re hitting new milestones and expanding our reach further into the flooring universe.

Discover our revolutionary concrete surface prep products!

How to Quickly & Easily Prep Concrete Surfaces with XL Porosity+

Concrete surface preparation doesn’t have to be a costly or timely procedure with heavy machinery and lots of man hours. In this demonstration video, watch how easy it is to effectively prep a concrete surface with XL Porosity+.

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Discover how XL Porosity+ helped save the day when Ardex PC-T was used as an overlayment on concrete.

Cooper Miller with Sun Interiors in New Orleans recently discovered the challenges that come with surface prep as he completed his first pour and polish job. Learn how XL Porosity+ solved the dilemma of removing scratches that occurred in overly hardened overlayment.

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Save time and money removing concrete cure and seal with XL Porosity+.

Watch as XL Porosity+ is used to remove a heavy application of concrete cure and seal. Discover the easy process that offers a dustless, cost effective alternative to traditional concrete surface prep methods.

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