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MARCH 21, 2019 – Fall River, MA – XL North announced that it has recently partnered with additional distributors to make its line of concrete surface prep products available throughout more regions of the country. The Belknap White Group and Bixco Flooring and Supplies join the list of flooring supply stores where contractors and concrete professionals can purchase XL Porosity+®, XL Sander, and XL Clean-Up.

Dan Doyle, VP of Branch Sales and Operations for Belknap White, remarks, “At BWG, we are always looking to bring new and innovative products to our customers.” He points out, “In the sub-floor prep arena, complying to airborne silica requirements is paramount. We are excited to partner with XL North to provide cutting edge technologies by adding Porosity+, Sander, and Clean-Up to our line-up to help our customers increase productivity & profits, while staying compliant.”

Joey Thomas, Sales Manager for Bixco, notes, “Bixco is extremely excited to bring this innovative floor prep line to our Gulf Coast market.”

Porosity+, Sander and Clean-Up are also available at Professional Flooring Supply, Carpet Cushions and Supplies, and The Tom Duffy Company where they’ve been sold since their introduction to the market last year.

For Al Ross, who works as VP of Supply Sales at Carpet Cushions, the choice to add these new products to his line-up was simple. He explains, “With all the support and success that we have had with XL North maintenance products, it was an easy decision to add Porosity+, Sander, and Clean-Up to our product offering, especially with the confusion in the market place regarding the new OHSA regulations regarding silica.“

Those new governmental regulations along with industry changes created the need for XL North’s expansion into the concrete surface prep arena. The products offer an alternative solution that’s contractor friendly, dust free, OSHA and EPA compliant, and more cost effective than traditional concrete surface prep methods.

XL North’s Technical Sales Director, Bill Luallen expresses, “Partnering with these great companies to distribute Porosity+, Sander, and Clean-Up has been hugely beneficial for us because we’re putting quality products into the hands of customers that will save them time, effort, and cost.”

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Belknap White –
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