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Carrie Brown works with XL North as a marketing consultant. With experience in copywriting, graphic design, and web development, Carrie uses her skill set to create and implement effective marketing strategies and campaigns for clients.

Concrete Surfacesresilient

The question has been asked by flooring contractors many times, “Why does the concrete substrate need to be rendered porous prior to the installation of resilient flooring?” Most resilient manufacturers require the substrate to be rendered porous by mechanical means prior to installation. We’ve put together a helpful course deck that:

  • Explains the reasons to render a concrete substrate porous prior to the installation of resilient floor coverings
  • Explores the benefits to the installed products
  • Offers the best method of achieving porosity

Additionally, this downloadable PDF will help you discover the role of porosity and its effects on concrete and flooring installation, obtain a greater understanding of the nuances of concrete substrates, and gain the knowledge to make more informed judgments when working with concrete.

Get the slide deck

XLN’s informative PDF is available for download here with no form submission required.