XL Sander

XL Sander was specifically developed to meet the challenges of concrete sub-floor preparation and cleaning preparation. XL Sander cleans, degreases and conditions concrete substrates in order to receive all types of flooring adhesives.


  • Compliant with OSHA CFR 29 Crystalline Silica 1926.1153
  • Conditioning system for all floor covering
  • adhesive including thin set
  • Interior and exterior applications

Available in:

  • 1 Gallon Containers
  • 5 Gallon Pails
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  • Always wear proper personal protective equipment.
  • Scrap and remove any foreign debris.
  • If applicable vacuum the surface to be prepared using a Hepa vacuum per OSHA requirements and correct cfm.
  • Liberally apply XL Sander onto concrete substrate at a rate of 500-600 sq. per gallon using a garden type pump sprayer. Do not dilute.
  • Scrub treated substrate with a Rotary floor machine (175 rpm )with a black stripping pad, appropriate Grit
  • Bristle brush or sanding disk. (for larger projects, an
  • Auto-Scrubber can be used).
  • Remove the slurry using a Wet Vac, Box Extractor or Auto-Scrubber.
  • Completely rinse the area with water.
  • Allow surface to thoroughly dry.
  • Test substrate for proper pH (test strips and distilled water).
  • Always protect surrounding areas from splash and spray ie: walls, glass, equipment, Will not damage glass or metal.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it true that dry sweeping will no longer be compliant under Fed OSHA continued Silica regulations after June 23, 2018?
Yes, after June 23, 2018, dry sweeping will not be compliant under the new Silica Regulations, and subject to fines up to $48,000. per occurrence. *

*Continuation: Is the use of clean sweep compound considered compliant?
No, the use of clean sweep compound is considered “dry sweeping”.

Is XL Sander a suitable substrate conditioner for all floorcovering adhesives?
Yes, XL Sander is a heavy duty concrete cleaner and light degreaser. It offers chemistry that is easy to rinse clean without hazing, using a minimal amount of clean water.

Can XL Sander be used just as a heavy duty concrete clean for general concrete cleaning, interior and exterior?
Yes, general concrete surface cleaning is an acceptable application for XL Sander.