Resilient Floor Maintenance Technician Certification Course

The Resilient Flooring Maintenance Technician (RFMT) certification covers resilient flooring maintenance. Upon achieving the certification, you demonstrate how to identify classifications within the resilient flooring category and know the basic raw materials used in the manufacturing process. Certification also demonstrates that you understand the resilient flooring life cycle, which includes the manufacture, installation, maintenance, and demolition of the products and the impact of environmental conditions on productivity and frequency of cleaning. $80.00 IICRC Examination fee NOT included.

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The IICRC-approved RFMT course is designed as an academic and practical assessment of proper resilient maintenance processes and procedures.
Provide participants with information on the life cycle assessment of resilient flooring.

  • Provide information about the various components required to maintain resilient flooring. These components will include: chemicals, equipment, tools, materials and industry-accepted service methodologies.
  • Develop floor maintenance programs for each resilient classification.
  • Identify hazards in floor maintenance and the implementation of safety controls for the protection of the technician and the public.
  • Review the environmental impact associated with resilient floor maintenance and its long-term effect on sustainability.


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