Pro-Tect Ultra Shine Plus

PTU Shine Plus is a tough two-part microfiber applied urethane gloss coating for resilient, concrete, and terrazzo flooring.

  • The ideal gloss coating for concrete, terrazzo and resilient flooring
  • High performance microfiber applied coating
  • Fast cure time, allows space to be returned to service quicker
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  1. Pre-charge your 3m Scotchgard Floor protector applicator pad (Blue) or equivalent with mixed PTU Shine Plus
  2. Apply PTU Shine Plus in manageable puddles or streams to the for best results, apply material in a linear direction “Box Pattern” (as opposed to figure 8 or swirl) completely covering the area with a thin even coat (approximately 1600 sf per gallon)
  3. Allow coating to dry (depending on temperature and humidity approximately 30 minutes)
  4. Apply second coat opposite direction as the
  5. Allow coating to dry
  6. If desired, high-speed buffing with a 3m Natural Blend 3500 pad and/or a 3M 3050 Burnishing pad can be done (Dust with clean microfiber pad recoating or prior to re-coating)
  7. Allow coating to dry for at least 2 hours prior to re-opening space for foot (Do not scrub or mop the floor for at least 48 hours after application of coating)
  8. Wait 24 hours before moving furniture

NOTE: VCT or other flooring types may require a 3rd coat


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