XL Porosity+

XL Porosity+ is engineered to open up the surface of the concrete, creating the porosity needed for adhesive bonding, coatings, sealers and moisture mitigation materials. Produces a consistent surface for optimum chemical or mechanical bond.

  • Creates the Porosity needed for Bonding of Adhesives, Coatings, Sealers and
  • Horizontal & Vertical Applications
  • Moisture Mitigation Materials.
  • Faster Polished Concrete Grinding
  • Interior or exterior applications
  • Excellent for Efflorescences Issues
  • Water Clean Up
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Usage & Directions



  • Coatings & Underlayment
      • Prepares concrete substrates for new surface application
  • Cure and Seal
      • Removes bond breaking films
      • Repair solution for surface retarders
  • Concrete Polishing
      • Opens up steel troweled finished concrete
      • Increases grinding production
      • Helps to eliminate erratic scratches
  • Specialty Applications
    • Works on Efflorescence
    • Removes concrete residue from molds/stamps
    • Exterior concrete buildings and walls
    • Removes Concrete Cutting Slurry


Apply XL Porosity+ by pump-up sprayer. Apply product at a rate of 200 sq. ft. per gallon. Allow to dwell 3-5 minutes. Agitate material with 175 rpm floor machine with brush attachment or black stripping pad (The use of a auto scrubber for larger applications is desirable). Squeegee slurry off and repeat steps 1-3. Remove slurry and rinse with fresh water allow to surface to dry and test pH level.

Protect surrounding areas from over spray ie: walls, glass, equipment and always wear safety glasses and protective gloves.
For cleaning exterior concrete, apply XL Porosity+ by tank sprayer, immediately agitate surface with floor machine and stiff bristle, then rinse thoroughly.

For polished concrete, apply XL Porosity+ liberally, allow surface to dwell for 1-2 minutes, then initiate your first grind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you leave Porosity + on the surface too long?

Porosity+ is best used wet as per the application specifications. However, it can be left on the surface even until dry without adverse effect. It will only need to be rewet before a clear water rinse.

Can Porosity+ be cut with water to extend coverage?

Porosity+ is a ready to use product and is best used per instructions and at full strength. *

*Exceptions: There are two applications when cutting Porosity+ is acceptable. First, when used to remove efflorescence. Second, when used to remove concrete slurry after saw cutting. For these we recommend following the recommended application steps found on the tech data sheets, or calling technical service at (401) 500-2157.

Can Porosity+ be used on exterior concrete surfaces?

Yes. Porosity+ is designed for interior, exterior, and even vertical concrete surfaces. *

*Hot surface applications: Porosity+ is best applied onto surfaces between 45-90 degrees Fahrenheit. On projects where the temperature is greater than 90 degrees, it is acceptable to pre-wet the concrete to cool the surface.

When using Porosity+ to soften the concrete cream surface for polishing, do you still need to allow dwell time?

Yes. Allow 3-5 minutes while keeping the surface wet. Then, grind onto the substrate. There is no need to rinse. In most cases only one application will increase productivity.


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