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Grow your selling skills, confidence, and commissions – guaranteed.

Winner of four highly prestigious Brandon Hall Awards, the UPtickPro sales simulation platform provides a safe, risk-free, learn-by-doing environment that saw 82% of users achieve YoY sales growth in 2020, with a typical revenue increase of 17% or more.

With the UPtickPro experiential learning program you will get:

  • A fun, engaging, risk-free place to practice your craft, grow and learn. 
  • Real-time coaching and feedback, focusing on the key selling behaviors that drive success.
  • Unlimited access to 13 immersive selling simulations
  • Opportunity to get certified as a Skilled Seller and/or a Master Seller, with badging that can be used in your LInkedIn Profile for recruiters and prospective employers to see in their searches.

We are so confident that UPtickPro will provide you with an impactful learning experience that we offer a six month, money-back guarantee.*

uptick sales simulations

We make pricing simple and transparent.

LMS companies are notorious for hidden fees and upcharges.
What they advertise on their website is usually a fraction of what you will pay in the end. We don’t play that game.

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We’re so confident you’ll quickly see UPtickPro’s incredible value, we’re giving you 1 day of full access to our extraordinary and unique learning experience ABSOLUTELY FREE! You’ll have 1 day from the time you first open the course to participate in our immersive learning experience.

*Skilled Seller & Master Seller certification is only available in the annual version of UPtickPro. Click Here to claim your Free Demo offer.

UPtickPro – 1 Seat

The UPtickPro experiential learning program provides students with unlimited access to 13 immersive selling simulations with real-time coaching and feedback, providing learners with a safe place to practice, grow and learn.

*We are so confident that UPtickPro will provide you with an impactful learning experience that we offer a 6 month money-back guarantee.

Proud to have received four 2020 Brandon Hall Awards, and named a top 20 Experiential Learning Technology for 2021 by Training Industry.

Best Advance in Unique Sales Enablement Technology
Best Advance in Gaming or Simulation Technology
Best Advance in Sales Training Online Application
Best Advance in Emerging Sales Enablement Technology

uptick sales simulations

UPtickPro by the Numbers


of users said that
UPtickPro improved their ability to sell


increase in knowledge and skill retention vs. traditional, in-class training


of UPtickPro user participants increased
year-over-year revenue


average YoY increase in sales revenue


Brandon Hall awards


evaluations performed by the PhD Organizational Psychologist who designed UPtickPro

Engaging Experiential Learning

Humans acquire and retain skills better by doing, it’s really that simple. Have fun learning in a risk-free environment with UPtickPro’s robust simulations for Remote Selling, From pre-call planning to deal closing, UPtickPro is there for you.

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Guaranteed Results Means No Risk for You

Not impressed? We offer you the ability to cancel your contract and receive a full refund if you are not satisfied, FOR ANY REASON after six months. Just achieve a minimum score of 80 after completing all simulations to qualify.

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Get Certified as a Skilled or Master Seller

Show your abilities to the marketplace by achieving certain levels within the simulations, and earning certifications that can be shared with prospective employers on your social media profile or directly.

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Remote Selling Ecosystem

Powerful and Engaging Experiential Learning

Sciolytix has done extensive research on what it takes to succeed in the 2021 sales environment and developed an end-to-end, multi-stage remote selling journey, focused on the key capabilities necessary to win in this complex environment.

  • Practice connecting with prospects and effectively managing interactions from pre-call planning all the way through deal closing.
  • Get immediate feedback on performance using UPtickPro’s AI-driven virtual coach.
  • Scoring, assessment, and feedback tools designed and validated by an I/O psychologist specifically for complex selling environments.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

*To qualify for the refund users only have to achieve a minimum score of 80 after completing all simulations.

Guaranteed Results

Our solution has been tried and tested by thousands of users, with tremendous results.

We are so confident in the ability of UPtickPro to improve your selling behaviors that we are providing a guarantee that our solution will have a positive impact on your selling abilities.*

Get Certified as a Skilled or Master Seller

Show that you can sell by actually selling.  The Skilled Seller and Master Seller certifications aren’t simple certificates of completion.  They don’t tell prospective employers that you watched all the videos in a course, or that you passed a simple Q&A, Master Sellers have attained top scores in all 6 key selling skills, tested across 13 immersive, challenging simulations. 

With a verified badge that can be added to your LinkedIn profile and used in searches by recruiters, a verified PDF certification and a landing page describing to prospective employers what certification as a Skilled Seller or Master Seller representsthe Master Seller certification program helps you differentiate yourself from your competition!