XL FS Floor Stripper

XL FS Floor Stripper is a quick strike, fast acting emulsifying floor stripper. It’s the ideal productivity tool for stripping acrylic finishes.




Mixing Directions:

LIGHT/MEDIUM BUILD UP: Dilute 1 part XL FS Floor Stripper to 15 parts hot or warm water.
HEAVY: Dilute 1 part XL FS Floor Stripper to 4 parts hot or warm water.

  1. Apply solution to floor so XL FS Floor Stripper covers approximately 100-150 square feet (apply enough material to ensure complete wetting).
  2. Allow to dwell 3-5 minutes minimum (do not allow mixed stripping solution to dry on floor).
  3. Scrub with rotary floor machine with appropriate pad per flooring manufacturer’s recommendations (agitate as needed to remove finish).
  4. Remove slurry with extraction machine, wet vacuum or mop and bucket.
  5. Rinse floor thoroughly with fresh water.
  6. Allow floor surface to dry prior to applying any finish.

Note: Check for color stability in floor before use. XL FS is not recommended for asphalt tiles or older linoleum tiles. Floor dye migration may occur.

XL FS should not be used on any pH sensitive flooring.


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