We continue our discussion with Randy Weis, CEO of RD Weis Companies. Read the first part of our interview.

Randy’s unique business perspective offers valuable insight on growing and maintaining a profitable company in the flooring industry. One of the key pathways to success is hiring for the long term. “I never like to hire someone for the immediate job at hand,” Randy states. He notes, “I’m hiring them for a job in the future that’s three or four levels above that job.” One of Randy’s most fruitful hiring resources is actually his current staff. “We’ve had the most success with referrals from other people that work for us,” he adds.

Another key component in the day-to-day operations, according to Randy, is flexibility. “We’re more concerned with what is getting accomplished each day and each week instead of arbitrary work hours or even coming to the office everyday.” He notes, “We have some people that work from home, some from the office. We’re pretty flexible on that.”

At the beginning of this year, RD Weis Companies purchased CTS Flooring, a company that supplies flooring and installation on new roll-outs and renovations for national account retail chains. “It’s a niche business,” Randy explains, “and one that complements what we do today.” And, noting again the importance of quality staff, he describes the purchase as a talent acquisition. “The company had really good, solid people that had been doing this for years.”

On Purchasing CTS Flooring:

“It’s a niche business and one that complements what we do today.”

Although being CEO of RD Weis Companies requires a huge time commitment, Randy and his wife, Peggy, are also very involved in several charitable organizations. “I just feel it’s easy for people to say ‘I don’t have time to do this or I don’t have time to do that’ but I’ve always believed in helping those that cannot help themselves.”

One charity in particular where Randy and Peggy spend their time is The Pajama Program, which provides books and pajamas to needy children, specifically those in group homes. As an active member of the board, Randy is very involved with the organization. “We’ve been donating resources, trucks, and our time to this organization for about 14 years.”

Founded in 1990 by Randall D. Weis, RD Weis Companies is a full-service flooring provider specializing in environmentally safe flooring solutions for commercial interiors. Headquartered in Elmsford, NY, RD Weis serves the needs of the corporate, healthcare, hospitality, retail, governmental and educational markets both nationally and internationally from six locations throughout the northeastern U.S. and in Detroit.



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