Bill Luallen

Bill Luallen is the Director of Technical Services for XL North, a division of Textile Rubber and Chemical Company. He is the current IICRC CCMT TAC Chair and also the former Vice Chair of the RFMT. He participates on many panels and boards including the CRI 204/205 Carpet Maintenance and Cleaning Standards. When Bill is not traveling to work with customers or talking on the phone, he spends all his down time with his wife Cynthia of 30 years, outside enjoying this beautiful world.

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In this case study provided by Antron, XLN partner Facility Services Group is credited with solving a sticky carpet dilemma that had other contractors stumped.

Due to a short renovation timeframe, a prestigious Philadelphia law firm had carpet installed in a new space before construction was complete. After project completion, the carpet, inevitably, was soiled with sticky black spots. After several cleaning companies failed to restore the new carpet, a local mill rep recommended Facility Services Group for the task.

Learn how FSG successfully restored the carpet and why fiber specification plays an important role in the maintenance process in this Antron case study.