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In the past, Steve and Kathy Cloud would dread receiving a call from an end user or GC concerning a clogged drain on a job site. Not anymore. Owners of M. Frank Higgins in Connecticut, Steve and Kathy recently introduced a preventive procedure on all of their tile and grout jobs that requires the use of XL North’s Clean-Up for sludge and slurry disposal. The new practice is hugely beneficial to everyone involved, from employees and subs, to end users and GCs.

XL Clean-Up

Steve explains what lead to the decision to enact a mandatory policy. “I got a call from a GC regarding a job where they had to jackhammer the clean out because our grout had solidified and stopped the water from flowing.” After being introduced to Clean-Up at a Starnet Conference, and watching Bill Luallen demo the product at the M. Frank Higgins’s warehouse a few weeks later, Steve and Kathy were convinced that using it on tile and grout jobs was the best way to prevent any future liability for plumbing issues that may arise. Kathy notes, “It’s a great product. It’s not an expensive product, and it makes clean up so much easier. It’s just an easy way to get rid of sludge.”

Eight ounces of Clean-Up can solidify up to 5 gallons of grout wash. It’s a simple procedure that instills confidence in customers and GCs. “We show them exactly what we’re doing, and how we’re getting rid of the excess sludge by putting it right into the dumpster,” Kathy states. Steve adds, “We promote it to the GCs so they know up front that we’ve embraced this policy, and we’re taking steps to prevent issues. They’re very happy we’re approaching it from that direction.”

The proactive measure benefits M. Frank Higgins’ tile installers, as well, whether they are direct employees or subs. Kathy points out, “It’s meant to protect them so they can’t be blamed for something in the drain.”

It also saves on labor dollars. Using Clean-Up allows techs to continue working, instead of carrying buckets of water to job loading docks to eventually dispose of at the proper facilities.

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