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A recent concrete grind and seal project in Lower Manhattan provided Peter Criscione, Manager of Hard Surfaces at RD Weis, an excellent opportunity to try XL Porosity+ for the first time. As Peter explains, the 30,000 sq. ft. office space job was different from the start. “Usually we do the floors last, but the client requested that the floors be done mid way through the project. Because there were numerous glass panels and glass doors that needed to be installed, the customer didn’t want concrete grinding equipment being used in the space and we didn’t want to accept the liability.”

RD Weis was hired to grind the floor to a level that the end user was satisfied with and then apply a sealer. Peter notes that XL Porosity+ was a huge benefit to the crew during concrete grinding. He describes the process. “The concrete slab was cleaned, and we sprayed Porosity+ on with a pump sprayer. We started grinding while the product was still wet. As it ate away at the top surface, we used a 24” grinder to cut into the slab a bit more.” He adds,

“The results were amazing! It was a great aid.”

Although it seemed an unconventional approach, Peter was thoroughly impressed with how easy Porosity+ is to use. “You just put it on the floor, wait 10 minutes, and it gives the concrete slab a profile.” He continues,

“When grinding, water acts as a lubricant, but Porosity+ is a lubricant plus a topical agent that eats away at the surface at the same time. In terms of using it versus just water, we got three times the productivity. It saved us time and money.”

Peter and the entire RD Weis team were very pleased with the results. He concludes, “I’d absolutely use it again. It’s a great concrete profiling system when you don’t want to get into the OSHA regulations, if you don’t have machinery, or if you don’t have the correct electrical supply you need on a job.”

Note: Photos of the finished project are currently unavailable. Because the office space renovation is on-going, the sealed floor is covered and protected.

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