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Recently, commercial flooring industry leaders came together to start the review and revision process of the IICRC Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician (CCMT) Certification Program Description and Exam. The Tactical Advisory Committee (TAC) is chaired by XL North’s Bill Luallen. He explains,

“We are very excited to bring together manufacturers, service providers and seasoned instructors to create a impactful and up to date program that the industry can lean on.”

Bill is joined by the following service providers, manufacturers, and current IICRC instructors:

Andy Bayler – Tarkett (Tandus)
Mark Berndt – Bentley
Steve Brown – Infinite Floorcare
Bob Deweese – Rite Rug (Vice TAC chair)
Dylan Gentry – Mohawk
Craig Jasper – Instructor
Ken Kennedy – Atlas / Masland
Stephen Lewis – Millicare
Mark Munyan – FloorSavers
Richard Price – Mannington
Lee Senter – Instructor
Steve Starcher – Timco
Cary Woodfield – Global Flooring Consultants
Will Wright – DFS Green

Each of these gentlemen is a subject matter expert spanning multiple facets of the commercial flooring industry, and they are eager to revamp the existing CCMT course to provide future students with the most up-to-date and relevant training and procedures possible. Here’s what some of the TAC members have to say about their role in and expectations for the course update:

Andy Bayler

“I am personally most excited to be involved with this project from the perspective of learning from the others in the group, and seeing the new format of the entire educational process and how it will affect the students and instructors.”

Stephen Lewis

“My goal is to update the CCMT class so that it reflects current industry practices and adjust the exam accordingly.”

Carey Woodfield

“As technology changes the carpet industry it is so important the education we offer prepares the cleaning industry to understand the best practices and how to properly clean new products.”

Mark Berndt

“This is the first time everyone can be involved with a program that actually touches the flooring from manufacturing to maintenance. Having the ability to work as a team to understand all aspects of maintenance is invaluable to the industry.”

Members of the IICRC are also enthusiastic about the certification course review and revision. IICRC Chairman of the Board Kevin Pearson states,

“I am excited to see how this revamped CCMT course can help technicians in the industry do their job better.”

Additionally, IICRC Director Carey Vermeulen notes,

“Bill has assembled a very diverse team for this CCMT revision. I look forward to some great results!!”