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Recently, XL North’s Technical Director, Bill Luallen, was invited to Portland along with fellow RFMT TAC committee member Spencer Luallen (Flexco/Roppe) to teach the 2 day IICRC Resilient Flooring Maintenance Technician certification course to a group of participants from Floor Solutions and G&W Commercial Interiors.

Here’s What Attendees Had to Say

My team was impressed with the thoroughness of the information in the class and the variety of commercial hard surfaces that were covered. Because we specialize in all the various hard surfaces, we see the value of having this type of training and certification for our technicians.

Shannon Fallacaro

Floor Solutions LLC

The class was loaded with information that will make me better at bidding and managing resilient work. I’m excited for the young floor care technicians in the class- they are now much better-prepared to do their work confidently, efficiently, and professionally- and so am I.

Mike Arians

G&W Commercial Interiors

IICRC RFMT Course & Certification Scheduled for September 29-30

Up next, we will be presenting a special session of the IICRC RFMT course and certification exam at the IICRC Global Resource Center in Las Vegas, Thursday, September 29th and Friday, September 30th.

This free event – yes, free (you only pay for the IICRC manual and examination fee) – is hosted by XL Academy and is available exclusively to XL North customers.

Class Details

In this class, Bill will be joined by Jim Toth Jr, (Mannington) and Don Styka (Tarkett NA) to conduct the IICRC Resilient Flooring Maintenance Technician course free of charge (IICRC course manual excluded) at the IICRC Global Resource Center in beautiful Las Vegas, NV Thursday, September 29th and Friday, September 30th (prior to the IICRC Annual Instructor Meeting).

This 2-day course will cover:

  • Resilient flooring classifications, construction, and installation
  • Soil
  • Chemistry, finishing options
  • Equipment
  • Maintenance procedures
  • Developing maintenance plan for the different types of resilient flooring
  • Challenges and troubleshooting

The course begins at 8:30 am and ends at 4:30 pm both days.

Coffee, water, lunch, and snacks will be provided.

Get Registered

Space is limited to 25 students. To reserve your spot or spots for your entire team, reach out to Bill Luallen today!