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XL Academy recently had the privilege of facilitating on-site IICRC Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician (CCMT) certification courses and exams for two of our customers and the feedback from their team members who participated in these sessions has been nothing short of exceptional. Instructor Bill Luallen’s expertise and teaching style made a significant impact, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended. Josh Hadjinian of Lippert Flooring and Tile and Catherine Franzella of Sun Interiors orchestrated these sessions and both enthusiastically shared their satisfaction with the overall experience. They underscored how remarkably beneficial and informative the training proved for their staff and team members. Read on to explore the valuable insights and experiences they – along with their teams – gained through XL Academy’s on-site training.

Josh Hadjinian, Lippert Flooring and Tile, Milwaukee

“Bill, thanks for making this happen! The confidence the guys have now is amazing to see. Here’s their feedback:

Q: What did you guys think of having Bill here for this course?
A: Having Bill here was great, he made everything so easy to learn. If we had questions, he answered them in a ways we all could understand.

Q: Did you think it was beneficial to take this course?
A: Yes, absolutely. The confidence gained from the class has been noticed. What in the past would have been a questionable spot treatment, now comes with no guessing or questioning.

Q: What was the biggest takeaway from the course?
A: The common knowledge of how carpet is made, all the way to how it is cleaned. Not many people that come into this industry will have that common knowledge of carpet cleaning. There was so much that was talked about that we didn’t know. Now we do, and that’s a great feeling.

Bill- Again, everyone was so thankful. You made the course fun and easy.”

Catherine Franzella, Sun Interiors Flooring Ltd., New Orleans

Here are some of the comments from the Sun Interiors’ team:

“So often, during our crazy day to day, we only see each other in passing… but the IICRC training class brought together an owner, sales person, operations manager, and field technicians all for the same purpose. More than just the education, it was a bonding experience for our team, and I think it created an even better dynamic for our program. I got to see my technicians show their personalities more, and they got a chance to interact with leadership in a more relaxed environment.” 

“I will admit.. as a sales person, the course was challenging — my techs humbled me fast haha, but now I am much more equipped to speak knowledgeably about the fundamentals with my customers. Our technicians struggled at times too, but those moments when you saw their eyes light up, as the curriculum was making more and more sense, was really cool to see. You could tell everyone in the room was proud of one another, as they learned in their own way.”

“I am so grateful we got this experience to become a fully IICRC certified program, top to bottom!”

“Bill has a way as an instructor of connecting with each individual in a unique way. It can be overwhelming learning technical information.. especially when you’ve been out of a school setting for some time —  but he breaks down information in a digestible format and uses learning techniques to make sure the material sticks. He took what could’ve been an intimidating course, and in 2 days, helped a team of 5 participants become IICRC certified, with exam scores of 90-98%!”

Want to get your team certified?

If you’re interested in discovering how XL Academy, led by expert instructor Bill Luallen, can bring on-site IICRC certification courses and training to your facility, we invite you to reach out to us today. Our tailored training programs are designed to empower your team with knowledge and skills that make a real difference. Contact us to explore the possibilities and take the first step toward enhancing your team’s expertise in commercial floor care.