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Infinite Floorcare’s latest blog post, “Using Dry Soil Removal and Encapsulation to Target Deeply Embedded Soils on Flotex,” details the quarterly maintenance process at a customer’s facility on Flotex flooring, where 95.12 grams of dry insoluble soil were removed during the pre-vacuuming phase.

The accumulation of such a considerable amount of soil not only stresses the importance of routine maintenance but also suggests that insufficient vacuuming contributes significantly to the buildup.

Floor care professionals can agree that vacuuming is the best way to keep carpets clean, with the type of vacuum, frequency, and the techniques used being key to its effectiveness. It is essential, serving as the cornerstone of keeping textile flooring clean, healthy, and at peak performance. Additionally, vacuuming is vital for extending the life of flooring, making it a significant part of the overall care.

On this particular job, Steve Brown and the Infinite team combine dry soil removal with the Fast Foamer System‘s low moisture encapsulation, showcasing a highly effective and efficient method for cleaning Flotex floors that eliminates the need for water extraction. For an in-depth exploration and to see detailed photos of the soil removed during both phases, along with microscopic views of the extracted soil, be sure to read the full blog post on Infinite Floorcare’s website.