XL Multi-Surface Floor Cleaning Kit

Clean, spotless floors with no streaks or residues!

XL North’s Multi Surface Floor Cleaning Kit makes quick work of cleaning and maintaining wood and LVT floors. The kit contains:

  • 32 oz spray bottle of XL LVT/Wood Cleaner
  • Four piece flat mop with handle
  • Washable microfiber cleaning pad

Recommended by flooring manufacturers, our professional grade XL LVT/Wood Cleaner is engineered specifically for LVT and wood flooring. Simply mist on floors and wipe clean with the enclosed flat mop.

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XL North’s Multi Surface Floor Cleaning Kit includes 32 oz professional grade XL LVT/Wood Cleaner, a four piece flat mop, and a washable microfiber cleaning pad. Simply mist on LVT or wood flooring and mop clean!


  1. Patti

    Great product ! My new construction floors are finally clean, with no residue

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