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The team at Southeastern Commercial Flooring recently discovered the dust free benefits of two of XL North’s surface prep products when they were used to remove thinset from a tile and grout demolition. Ken Baxley, SCF Project Manager, discusses the job details. “Our crew was demoing 2”x2” mosaic tile in 4 bathrooms, each approximately 285 square feet. They came in with demo machines, got the tile up, cleaned it up, hauled it out of the way, and then sprayed Porosity+ on the remaining thinset.”

Applied per product instructions, techs agitated the product. They then let it sit for 5-10 minutes. Ken states, “It sort of turned to mud, and our crew used squeegees to lift it up. Then we used XL Clean-Up to gel up everything. It was shoveled into plastic bags and hauled out.” The process, and the final product, were hugely successful.

The combination of Porosity+ and Clean-Up saved SCF’s crew time and effort. “We accomplished this job in one night because we didn’t need to bring in grinders to use on the thinset,” says Ken. “These products saved us 32 man hours. Really wonderful!” Even though the techs had never used Porosity+ or Clean-Up, they found both simple to use, and were thoroughly impressed with the chemistry. And, they were not alone.

The job superintendent called Ken the next morning and exclaimed, “Wow!! This is great! You didn’t get dust anywhere!” He chuckles, “I had to explain that there was no dust.”

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