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Over the past few months, several commercial flooring industry leaders came together to begin reviewing and revising the IICRC Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician (CCMT) Certification Program Description and Exam. Here’s an update from the Tactical Advisory Committee (TAC) Chair, XL North’s Bill Luallen.

“At the sixth month mark, I’ve realized that this is a lot like a “This Old House” project. We have completely taken the course down to its structure, which has a solid base, and now we are in the process of renovation. We have preliminarily laid out the exam questions that the TAC members feel qualified commercial floor care technicians should be proficient at, and now we are deep into the textbook. Having taken out a lot of the outdated material, we are putting together information that a new generation of floor care professionals will carry with them and build off of for many years to come. After the textbook, we will be building the presentation and then be ready to launch beta courses.”

We also asked some Tactical Advisory Committee (TAC) members, along with the IICRC’s Ashley Mueller, to offer insight on the process so far and what they expect from the newly revised course once completed.

Ken Kennedy, Atlas Masland, Director of Technical Services

“Being selected for this committee has been an eye opening and exciting experience. From a manufacturing perspective, it’s encouraging to see this group of cleaning specialists so passionate and dedicated to the education and training of cleaning technicians. Every carpet manufacturer should be supportive of their efforts to ensure that our products look better, last longer, and leave our customer with a pleasant buying experience.”

Ashley Mueller, IICRC, Certification Coordinator

“It has been a pleasure to work with such a dedicated group of volunteers to enhance the level of education for the Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician. The committee has taken a ground up approach by starting out with a review of the existing materials and building upon that foundation to address advancements and changes in the industry. As the committee works to develop the new textbook and exam, it is exciting to see the work thus far and the passion from the group to provide education and training for the next generation.”

Marc Munyan, Floor Savers Maintenance & Restoration, Owner/CEO

“What an exciting opportunity to review and identify areas to improve and enhance the level of education and development for the next generation of floor maintenance professionals. The committee’s process is to start with the end in mind by identifying what is missing or overlooked from the previous curriculum, mostly due to advancements in the professional floor cleaning and manufacturing industries. A much needed refresh of the current Commercial Maintenance Technician certification was needed due to the numerous changes and advancements in cleaning equipment, materials, and most importantly, the flooring itself.”

Once the review and revision process is completed, XL North along with the IICRC will announce the beginning of beta courses. Stay tuned for that update!