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XL North is proud to announce that our low moisture carpet cleaning chemistry, XL Grab Dry, was recently reviewed and approved by WoolSafe and awarded WoolSafe and CleanSeal certifications for use on wool carpeting. As stated on the WoolSafe Organisation’s website accredited products are tested according to WoolSafe Standard WS 1001: “Protocol for the evaluation and accreditation of carpet cleaning chemicals for the WoolSafe Mark” to ensure they:

  • meet recognized standards of performance regarding cleaning, spot removal or protection against soiling or staining.
  • do not have a deleterious effect on wool carpets regarding color fastness, quick re-soiling, fiber damage or odor.
  • are safe to use and safe once they have been applied.

Only when a product meets all of these stringent requirements is it awarded the WoolSafe Certificate by The WoolSafe Organisation, allowing it to carry the coveted WoolSafe Mark.

Additionally, the WoolSafe Organisation’s website describes CleanSeal certification as “a testing and accreditation program for maintenance products suitable for use on carpets, rugs and other interior textiles made from synthetic fibers.”

When asked about the certifications, XL North president Ed Sisk responded,

“Since the genesis of the product, we knew what the WoolSafe Organisation has recently confirmed. XL Grab Dry is an outstanding cleaning product for both nylon and wool carpets and rugs. With its ease of use, we believe XL Grab Dry will be embraced by the consumer as much as it has by the contractor for more than 20 years.”

To learn more about XL Grab Dry and our other revolutionary products for commercial carpet cleaning and maintenance, visit our Carpet Care Products page.