XL Grab Dry

XL Grab Dry is a professional grade cleaner that is ideal for everyday spots and stains along with dry extraction. The low moisture cleaning technology penetrates soil and stains and absorbs into the powder, drying quickly for easy removal by vacuuming. Safe to use on nylon, wool, and stain resistant carpets and rugs.


6 Gallon Pail (21 lbs)




Before Use: Always test a hidden section of the carpet for color-fastness.

For Spots and low moisture cleaning:

Vacuum area to be treated first to remove any loose soil.

  1. For heavily soiled areas use XL Carpet Spotter or XL Grease & Oil Remover as a pre-spray
  2. Apply evenly, broadcasting XL Grab Dry Extraction Compound over the area to be cleaned (do not exceeding 20 ft. at a time)
  3. Agitate XL Grab Dry into the treated area using an XLerator or counter rotating brush machine
  4. Allow approximately 20 to 30 minutes to dry completely
  5. Vacuum the area thoroughly after drying using a dual motor up right vacuum to remove any encapsulated soil

Note: Approx 1/2 lb per 100 sf for normal soiling, 1 lb per heavy soiling.


  1. Roland Downs

    I really like the xl north grab product for our medium pile logo entry mats,

    Recovers really nicely afterwards…

    I’m going to start with flipping our mats over face down and using our upright first on the back sides of mats prior to cleaning and test results.

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