XL Grease & Oil Remover

XL Grease & Oil Remover is an aqueous spotter designed to remove grease and oil related deposits and stains on carpet.



Before use always test a hidden section of the carpet for color fastness.

For dry stains or spots, vacuum area to be treated first to remove any loose soil.

For wet stains or spots, blot the area with a dry clean colorfast cloth or sponge to remove any excess

For Spots and Stains on Carpets and Rugs:

  1. Spray Carpet Spotter directly on the stain or spot. (Use care to wet the spot, without over-saturating the carpet)
  2. Gently massage XL Carpet Spotter into the soiled area using a clean dry cloth, lightly dampened sponge or a nonabrasive brush working toward the center of the stain.
  3. Blot any residual moisture from the area until the stain or spot no longer transfers from the carpet to the cloth or sponge.
  4. Re-apply and repeat this step until stain or spot is removed.
  5. Vacuum the area thoroughly after drying to remove crystals and encapsulated soil or use extraction equipment to evacuate the area

For use as a Pre-Apply:

  1. Apply XL Grease & Oil Remover in conjunction with XL Nylon Pre-Spray to heavily soiled area.
  2. Allow to dwell approximately 10 minutes
  3. Agitate into carpet using an Xlerator or counter rotating brush machine.
  4. Extract area thoroughly using XL Crystallizing Acid Rinse in the rinse tank


Do not use on Wool Carpeting or rugs


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