XL Enzyme Spotter

XL Enzyme Spotter is designed to digest and remove proteins and organics such as blood, urine, vomit, feces and dairy products. For use on carpets and water cleanable fabrics.



XL Enzyme Spotter is a Ready to use formula.

Always pre-test in an in conspicuous location before using.

Do not use on wool carpet or fabrics.

  1. Remove any surface soil.
  2. Apply XL Enzyme Spotter directly to spot.
  3. Allow dwell time for enzymes to work (works best when warm (69-96 degrees). If needed, warm carpet or fabric with light mist from steam iron (do not touch iron to carpet or fabric).
  4. Rinse extract with fiber rinse or warm water. Repeat if needed.

NOTE: Must allow proper dwell time, keeping area moist and warm to allow enzymes to work. DO NOT USE ON WOOL.

Store in cool area.

Do not allow treated area to dry prior to extraction.

Do not use in conjunction with any disinfectants.


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