Steve Brown

Steve Brown is owner of Infinite Floorcare in Atlanta and provides customers with the most highly trained technicians, innovative technology, and effective solutions for cleaning and maintaining the floors in commercial spaces and facilities. As a member of the XL North Tactical Group, Steve lends support and education to floorcare providers throughout the country who rely on his expertise to solve unusual or complicated flooring issues.

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The Back Story:

A seasoned project manager from a well-known, reputable commercial flooring company reached out to me regarding an installation he was managing. He noticed the construction project was in somewhat of a chaotic stage with deadlines looming to complete the job and a lack of or insufficient protection being used on finishes, specifically the carpet, tile and grout. Understanding that it was beyond a final construction clean (a.k.a., final interior clean-up), he asked me to take a look at the job and provide an additional proposal for a post construction or in-service floor cleaning per the flooring manufacturer’s guidelines or industry standard. As flooring professionals, we know there is a difference between a final construction cleaning and what the flooring industry considers proper cleaning to put a new floor into service.

The Job Scope:

When I arrived on the job, I immediately noticed the excessive, heavy soiling and lack of or improperly installed flooring protection. I also noticed that the company performing the final construction cleaning, didn’t have the equipment necessary to perform a proper cleaning for the type of flooring that required the most attention – specifically, the tile & grout, which required hydro-cleaning. I submitted a proposal for an in-service cleaning and shortly thereafter was informed by the project manager that we didn’t get the job. The customer felt we were “too high” in terms of cost. Neither of us lost any sleep over it, however, because we understood what was involved and were confident that the services we proposed as well as the value we provide exceeds all others.

The Follow Up:

Fast forward two months later … the flooring project managers lets me know he’s been contacted by a general contractor requesting assistance to correct a final construction cleaning that went wrong. In his words, “Really, really wrong.” It was the job for which I had originally proposed an in-service cleaning. As I noted, it was obvious the final construction cleaning company did not have the necessary tools, which led me to the conclusion, that they also lacked the knowledge or skill, as well, to properly perform the floor cleaning task at hand. Unfortunately, after unsuccessfully attempting to clean the grout, they then proceeded to “color seal” the grout to conceal the sheetrock dust and red clay slurry created during the cleaning by encapsulating it with a grout colorant product. In addition, they applied a topical sealer on the tile, I assume to increase the sheen to conceal residues as well as the extremely poor application of the grout colorant.

Once again, I walked the job, devised corrective procedures, completed a successful test area for customer evaluation, and submitted a revised proposal.

We’re still awaiting approval of our second proposal, but the question is were we really too high cost-wise originally? The corrective process is more than triple the cost of the initial cleaning proposed. When it comes to floor care, the price paid for skill, knowledge, and expertise may seem premium, but the value and high level technical experience your customers are receiving far outweighs the dollar amount spent.

About Infinite Floorcare

With two decades of experience in the commercial flooring and floorcare industries in metro Atlanta, Infinite Floorcare has developed an unparalleled combination of skill, technology, and know-how that is imperative to properly clean and maintain floors. Anyone can provide the same services that we offer, but no one can match our dedication, attention to detail, capabilities, education, and expertise. As an IICRC certified firm, customers can trust that our owner, managers, and technicians are fully licensed, trained, and committed to 100% satisfaction.