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iicrcTile Grout & Stonetraining

XL Academy recently held its first IICRC Stone, Masonry, and Tile Care Technician (SMT) course and certification exam, expertly led by Bill Luallen. This course, focusing on the maintenance and cleaning of natural and manufactured stone, ceramic tile, masonry, and grout surfaces, attracted participants eager to elevate their professional skills over two days in Columbus, Ohio. Special thanks to Rite Rug Flooring and Konkus Marble & Granite for their valuable sample contributions, which greatly enhanced the learning experience.

Read more below for insights and testimonials from attendees.

What Attendees Are Saying …

“This course is NEEDED by all people in the industry. Pair this with CCMT, RFMT, and a few others, and you have a road map for all Technicians, Operations Managers, Sales People and Support Staff (this is not just a technician course) to be incredibly successful in this industry.” – Spencer Luallen, Technical Services Manager with Legacy Maintenance Services

“Stone can be one of the more difficult surfaces for service contractors to identify, restore, and maintain.  The IICRC SMT certification course as taught by Instructor Bill Luallen provided us with practical, service-applicable knowledge that helped to bring simplification and clarification to this sector.  I have had years of experience selling and servicing stone surfaces but can’t say I have ever obtained so much comprehensible information on the subject as I did while taking this course.  The SMT certification course is a must for any service contractor, salesperson, or manager who values expertise in their field.” – Pete McMaster, Owner – President with Facilitate Floor & Facility Care

“For me, identification of various hard surfaces can be difficult.  I learned a lot of new ways to identify while out in the field. I also learned many new techniques to avoid costly mistakes. This was a much needed class for me. Thanks Bill!” – Stephany Fisher, Relationship builder with RiteRug Flooring

Want to get your team certified?

If you’re interested in discovering how XL Academy, led by expert instructor Bill Luallen, can bring on-site IICRC certification courses and training to your facility, we invite you to reach out to us today. Our tailored training programs are designed to empower your team with knowledge and skills that make a real difference. Contact us to explore the possibilities and take the first step toward enhancing your team’s expertise in commercial floor care.