XL 25 Floor Finish

XL 25 Gloss Floor Finish is a highly versatile, extended-wear floor finish.

It provides a durable protection without creating unwanted build-up. Formulated with exclusive micro-molecular technology, it allows for easy maintenance and exceptional film clarity.

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XL 25 Gloss Floor Finish offers a variety of surface applications including VCT, LVT, linoleum, terrazzo, rubber, asbestos tile, asphalt tile, concrete and other resilient floors. Non-resilient floors such as marble may require testing for adhesion.



Seal off areas to be stripped or finished. Prior to application, floors should be completely stripped of old finish and neutralized.

The surface should be completely dry before applying first coat and all subsequent coats.

Do not use an air mover or fan directly on the flooring to dry finish, always use indirectly.

  • Using a microfiber pad or clean mop on unsealed floors, apply 4 – 5 coats. On cleaned or scrubbed floors, apply as needed. Apply additional coats until the desired gloss is obtained.
  • Allow a minimum of 30 minutes drying time between coats. Temperature, humidity and ventilation may affect drying time.
  • Burnishing is not required but is acceptable if higher shine is required.
  • Allow the finish to cure for 24 hours before burnishing or putting any heavy furniture on the floor.


Sweep the floor first using a dust mop or broom removing all foreign materials. Clean the floor using XL APC All Purpose Cleaner or acceptable professional cleaner according to label directions with a mop or automatic scrubber.

  • Seal off area and apply 1 – 2 thin, even coats of finish using a microfiber pad or clean mop. NOTE: Floors may be slippery when wet or contaminated with foreign materials.
  • Clean up spills and foreign materials promptly.
  • COVERAGE: 2000 – 3000 sf. per gallon depending on porosity of flooring material and prior coats.


  1. Jeff Lovdal StarNet Floor Care Manager House of Color Inc. Bismarck ND

    XL25 is a great product. It has a very nice gloss, is easily brought back to life by burnishing. The best thing is it dries much quicker than other finishes. Less downtime means more profit!!

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