XL Nylon Pre-Spray Advanced

XL Nylon Pre-Spray Advanced is a quick strike, low dilution formula for hot water extraction of nylon carpet. Along with being low odor, XL Advanced tackles oil and soil build up.






Before Use: Always test a hidden section of the carpet for color fastness.

Vacuum area to be treated first to remove any loose soil.

  1. Dilute 4 oz of XL Nylon Pre-Spray Advanced 1 gallon of fresh clean water in a pump up sprayer
  2. Apply diluted chemistry to the carpet with the spray nozzle 12 to 18 inches from the carpet
  3. Allow to dwell for approximately 10 minutes
  4. Agitate into carpet, using an XLerator or counter rotating brush machine
  5. Extract carpet with a portable or truck mount extractor using XL Crystallizing Acid Rinse in rinse tank
  6. Dry carpet using fans prior to returning space to service.

Note: 1 gallon of diluted formula should cover approximately 600-800 square feet (vary according to pile thickness and degree of soiling.


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