XL Upholstery Pre-Spray

XL Upholstery Pre-Spray is a blend of advanced chemistries that releases body, animal, cooking oils and soils instantly for easy removal during cleaning. Excellent on all synthetic fibers. Cuts through difficult oily soils on upholstery.

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Test XL Upholstery Pre-Spray in an inconspicuous area for dye and fabric stability.

Vacuum fabric to remove loose soil and dust

Medium to heavy soil: dilute one part XL Upholstery Pre-Spray with one part warm water in a pump up sprayer

Extra heavy soil: Use as is. Do not dilute, use a pump up sprayer.

  1. Apply evenly to soiled areas
  2. Allow to dwell for 5-10 miuntues, but do not allow to dry before extraction
  3. Agitate with a horsehair brush.
  4. keeping wand off of the fabric, mist area with portable Extractor with XL Upholstery Rinse in rinse tank
  5. vacuum misted area with wand
  6. brush fibers in same direction
  7. allow to dry


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