XL Porosity+

OSHA’s enactment of CFR 29 1926.1153, which includes strict documentation of employee’s exposure to airborne silicas, is a driving factor for XL North to create Porosity+. However, the adhesive industry is moving away from calling out a CSP designation, and rather looking for a porous substrate with which adhesives can form bonds. These changes created a need for XL Porosity+.

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XL Sander

The OSHA enactment also notes that sweeping subfloors in preparation of flooring application can cause airborne silicas. XL Sander eliminates the issue, providing a compliant process to prep the surface.

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XL Clean-Up

For years, we’ve created environmentally responsible chemistries. When it comes to cleaning up, we want to make sure that no unwanted solids hits the waste water stream. XL Clean-Up solidifies high solids slurry, allowing it to be disposed of in accordance with federal, state and local regulations.

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XL Academy & Training
Basic Service Procedures

Instructor(s): An IICRC Certified Instructor Educational Credits: 1 IICRC Continued Education Credit (CEC) Course Length: 8 Hours This XL Academy workshop has been developed as an introductory floor maintenance course for participants who want a basic understanding of maintenance without getting into the specifics of procedures and processes. Intended Audience This course is designed for: […]

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Resources & Tutorials
The Impact of Concrete Porosity on Flooring Installation

This XLN white paper discusses the significance of ASTM F3191-16, explains the reasons to render a concrete substrate porous prior to the installation of resilient floor coverings, explores the benefits to the installed products, and offers the best method of achieving porosity.

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Avoid Plumbing Back Charges on Tile & Grout Installations with XL Clean-Up

In the past, Steve and Kathy Cloud would dread receiving a call from an end user or GC concerning a clogged drain on a job site. Not anymore. Owners of M. Frank Higgins in Connecticut, Steve and Kathy recently introduced a preventive procedure on all of their tile and grout jobs that requires the use […]

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