How to Quickly & Easily Prep Concrete Surfaces with XL Porosity+

Concrete surface preparation doesn’t have to be a costly or timely procedure with heavy machinery and lots of man hours. In this demonstration video, watch how easy it is to effectively prep a concrete surface with XL Porosity+.

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XL Porosity+®


XL Porosity+ is engineered to open up concrete surfaces, creating the porosity needed for adhesive bonding, coatings, sealers, and moisture mitigation materials. It produces a consistent surface for optimum chemical or mechanical bond, can be applied horizontally or vertically, is approved for interior or exterior surfaces, and cleans up with water.

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XL Sander


XL Sander is specifically developed to meet the challenges of concrete sub-floor preparation and cleaning preparation. XL Sander cleans, degreases, and conditions concrete substrates in order to receive all types of flooring adhesives, and can be used on interior or exterior surfaces. Compliant with OSHA CFR 29 Crystalline Silica 1926.1153.

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XL Clean-Up


XL Clean-Up solidifies high solids slurry, allowing it to be disposed of in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations. Simply add Clean-Up to your rinse water, allow to gel, and toss in the trash. Also treats rinse water from interior or exterior projects using mortar mixes, cement mixes, stucco, and grout patches underlayment.

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XL North Customer Success Story



Discover how XL Porosity+ helped save the day when Ardex PC-T was used as an overlayment on concrete.

Cooper Miller with Sun Interiors in New Orleans recently discovered the challenges that come with surface prep as he completed his first pour and polish job. Learn how XL Porosity+ solved the dilemma of removing scratches that occurred in overly hardened overlayment.




Remove Concrete Cure and Seal with a Simple Process



Save time and money removing concrete cure and seal with XL Porosity+.

Watch as XL Porosity+ is used to remove a heavy application of concrete cure and seal. Discover the easy process that offers a dustless, cost effective alternative to traditional concrete surface prep methods.



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Additional Resources


In this video from our Quick Tip series, Bill Luallen explains how Porosity+ helps resolve issues with overlayments that have cured for too long and created an excessively hard surface.

One application of Porosity+ over hardened cementitious overlayment removes the hard polymer cap leaving a porous surface with 100 grit like texture. Discover the 4 step process.

Surface Prep

Our customer needed technical support on a challenging concrete surface prep job. Learn job details and see photos of the process used to prep the surface for new floor installation.

Jeremy Ellingford, branch manager at PFS in Shreveport, details a recent exterior concrete surface prep job where XL North’s product, Porosity+, was put to the test.

Alternative Uses

In this XL North quick tip video with our own Bill Luallen, you can watch as assorted tools used for concrete leveling are cleaned quickly, easily, and thoroughly using XL North’s Porosity+.

Learn how XL Clean-Up changed one customer’s slurry removal policy, becoming a huge benefit to everyone – employees, subs, end users and GCs – in this recent XL North blog article.

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Basic Service Procedures

Instructor(s): An IICRC Certified Instructor Educational Credits: 1 IICRC Continued Education Credit (CEC) Course Length: 8 Hours This XL Academy workshop has been developed as an introductory floor maintenance course for participants who want a basic understanding of maintenance without getting into the specifics of procedures and processes. Intended Audience This course is designed for: […]

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Resources & Tutorials
LVT Adhesive & Floor Prep Removal Case Study

Bob Deweese’s team at Rite Rug encountered an unfortunate situation on a recent job where LVT was mistakenly installed over granite tile. In this case study, learn how XL Porosity+ was used to remove adhesive and floor prep without damaging the underlying floor.

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Blogs & Articles
Trust the + to Increase Productivity on Concrete Grind and Seal Jobs

A recent concrete grind and seal project in Lower Manhattan provided Peter Criscione, Manager of Hard Surfaces at RD Weis, an excellent opportunity to try XL Porosity+ for the first time. As Peter explains, the 30,000 sq. ft. office space job was different from the start. “Usually we do the floors last, but the client […]

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