Bill Luallen

Bill Luallen is the Director of Technical Services for XL North, a division of Textile Rubber and Chemical Company. He is the current IICRC CCMT TAC Chair and also the former Vice Chair of the RFMT. He participates on many panels and boards including the CRI 204/205 Carpet Maintenance and Cleaning Standards. When Bill is not traveling to work with customers or talking on the phone, he spends all his down time with his wife Cynthia of 30 years, outside enjoying this beautiful world.


My father always said that patience is a virtue, but man, is waiting tough!  However, you will not have to wait much longer for the revised IICRC Commercial Carpet Maintenance Technician (CCMT) Certification to be available. 

As chairman of the CCMT Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)/ Examination Review Group (ERG), I can say we are on the final leg of the committee’s journey to completely overhaul the course. 

Our committee consists of:

We have all donated time each week over the last two years to make this possible and I could not be prouder to be a part of a team of professionals!

The group will be conducting beta courses (2-3 in person and 1 live stream) in the upcoming months to make sure our work was done right prior to the board’s final approval.

Stay tuned!

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