Ed Sisk, President (Founder)

Ed founded XL North in 2000 after recognizing the needs of the flooring manufacturers, to provide better cleaning chemistries, more efficient processes and more effective training, to flooring maintenance providers globally.  Whether it was Carpet, VCT, LVT, Wood, Rubber, Tile & Grout or Vinyl , by working closely with the makers of the flooring products and listening to the concerns they have regarding “long-term appearance retention through proper maintenance”, a complete line of formulas were developed over many years of trials and tribulations.   Ed is proud to be partnered with Textile Rubber and Chemical Co and his association with some of the finest and hardest working chemical engineers on the planet.  He credits the success of this business to the men and women within the company, who never stop imaging and implementing a better solution, a better process or better approach to making our world a little cleaner for a lot longer.

Bill Luallen, Sr. Vice President National Sales

Bill Luallen has been in the flooring industry since 1997 when he started with Shaw Industries then later moving to the Mohawk Group.  Over a very short period of time, Bill’s passion for “visible outcome” found its home in the maintenance side of flooring.  Taking the knowledge of how carpet is made, he went on to work for several very large flooring contractors, specializing in the floor care maintenance divisions.  His desire to evolve the industry moved him into focusing on procedures and chemistry where he now resides as the National Sales Director for XL North, a division of Textile Rubber and Chemical Company.  He routinely holds training seminars around the country, covering the business, sales and technical sides of the industry.  He also enjoys assisting his clients in doing demonstration in the field.   He has become a favorite of technical departments of both carpet mills and resilient manufactures for his ability to trouble shoot situations and providing solutions.   Bill participates on many panels and boards including the CRI, The IICRC (RFMT Vice Chair) and the League of Hard Flooring Professionals.  Along with being certified by the IICRC (CCMT AND FCT) his 20 plus years of experience has made him a floor care industry “Who to Know”

Adriane Cummings, Director of Customer Service

The “voice” of XL North,  Adriane heads up the customer service department, always making sure the customer is taken care of.  She has been satisfying XL North customers for over 10 years, while keeping the office, production and sales teams in line.

Joe Desouto, Manufacturing Production Manger

Joe is a one of a kind, as manufacturing and production manager with many years of experience,  Joe and his team  have been vital to the success of XL North, always focused on delivering excellent and consistent products while always keeping an eye on shipping on time  Joe also is dedicated, he is always the first one in the plant whether its rain, sleet or snow always arriving  on his bike.

Donald Burnbright, Chemist/Quality Control Manager

Don has over 18 years of chemical formulating and quality control experience. His passion for efficient, fast-acting and environmentally responsible formulations is infectious. When not in a lab coat, Don enjoys off-shore fishing, restoring classic cars and tutoring chemistry.

Spencer Luallen, Regional Sales Manager SW

The newest member to the management team, Spencer Luallen bring youth and excitement to the group.  Having earned a degree in business marketing along with working in the floor care business throughout college, he is able to communicate with the customer in ways most sales people can’t, by having intimate knowledge of what the customer is going thru.