XL Shield

XL Shield Advanced Fabric Protector is the premier aftermarket commercial fabric protector. For use on upholstery, carpeting and fabric, including leather to deliver both stain and soil protection. The aqueous formula makes the product easy to apply and allows it to dry quickly. It easily dilutes in water, and has excellent temperature and freeze/thaw stability.

XL Shield has an Excellent rating for both water/alcohol and oil repellency. The water based formula has low VOC (less than 100g/L, as delivered) content. With XL Shield, treated surfaces are easier to clean and newness retention is improved.

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1 Gallon Jug, Case of 4


Usage & Directions


Simply dilute XL Shield Advanced Fabric Protector in water. Recommended dilution of 1 part XL Shield to 4 parts water depending on: application rates, application method, porosity of the material, and desired performance.


For exceptional soil and stain resistance, apply uniformly with a trigger sprayer or pump-up sprayer (35-50 psi, Do not aerosolize) at a rate of 1 to 2 fluid ounces per square yard. Excess liquid applied to a substrate should be wiped up if it has not penetrated after 15-20 minutes to avoid hazing from over application of the product.


Apply 1 gallon of diluted solution to freshly cleaned carpet using a pump-up sprayer (35-50 psi, do not aerosolize) with a fan tip, approximately 200-600 square feet depending on the pile thickness. A uniform spray is essential to insure an even, optimum treatment. work in with carpet rake or counter rotating brush machine.

Note: Ambient temperature cure time for maximum protection is approximately 24 hours, although most formulations should dry to the touch within 1-2 hours.


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